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Re: extraneous copy

From: Tibor Rudas
Subject: Re: extraneous copy
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 11:16:00 +0200
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> This cannot be the result of something being overloaded. It can
> only be caused by a checksum error. That means either it is
> computed incorrectly or it is transmitted incorrectly. That
> means RAM or net error.
> M

I'm getting the same behavior here and have seen this for quite some time. it 
caused some problems since I intended to use a kind of "trigger files" to 
have some complicated tasks executed on multiple hosts by setting a define= 
in the copy process and have that execute a shellscript.
I resolved this by putting a "token" (e.g. a date) in the "trigger file" which 
would be included in the logfile from the shellscript and the script itself 
would check if it had already processed the file containing this token.
Unfortunately I have not yet detected a pattern when the file will be copied 
to which host...
If it were faulty memory (on the server) shouldn't the file be copied to all 
machines simultaneously?

So I just wanted to add a "me too".

Tibor Rudas

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