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Re: [Cfengine] Re: cfexecd mail

From: Bas van der Vlies
Subject: Re: [Cfengine] Re: cfexecd mail
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 14:12:19 +0200
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address@hidden wrote:

As long as it's rational and nothing breaks, by all means.


On 30 Jul, Andrew Stribblehill wrote:

Quoting Bas van der Vlies <address@hidden> (2003-07-30 11:06:05 BST):

Andrew Stribblehill wrote:

Quoting Bas van der Vlies <address@hidden> (2003-07-30 10:34:53 BST):

Should we not use the same syntax for turning on/off actions
cfagent -z sysadm, smptfrom, ....

It is easier to understand which variables we ask and we get back.
For me it make sense and there is a mechanism to query the cfagent

Yes, that's nicer, I agree. Currently we use ':' as the standard
separator don't we? So would 'cfagent -z foo:bar:baz -z quux -zbongo'
be okay (as a bizarre way) to ask for foo, bar, baz, quux and bongo?

No the separator is ','. From the docs cfagent -j copy,tidy ;-)
cfagent -x boo,bar,baz -z quux -zbongo is one bizarre way to ask
for some variables.

Yes, you're right. Even the code agrees with you ;) So Mark, want me
to code this?

It is fine for me and the syntax is also clear. In the meanwhile i
use my patch that fixes the smtpfrom line and wait for the new
cfagent -z. Andrew if you need help with programming or testing.
Do not hesitate to ask!

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