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Re: problem with copy stanza not firing

From: John S J Anderson
Subject: Re: problem with copy stanza not firing
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 23:25:37 -0500
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John S J Anderson <address@hidden> writes:

>   Hi --
>   I'm having a problem with cfengine. I've got a special class defined
>   for a couple of machines, and a stanza in 'copy:' that should copy
>   some special files to those two machines. Here are the relevant
>   config file bits:
> groups:
>   blastqFunction        = ( blast003 blast013 )
> copy:
>         blastqFunction::
>                 $(master)/BLAST/BLASTQ/etc/logrotate.d          
> dest=/etc/logrotate.d
>                                                                 recurse=inf
>                                                                 type=checksum
>                                                                 backup=false
> server=$(policyhost)
>         ## GENERIC FILES
>         any::
>                 $(master)/GENERIC/etc                           dest=/etc
>                                                                 recurse=inf
>                                                                 type=checksum
>                                                                 backup=false
> server=$(policyhost)
>   In general, things are working. I know this because the 'copy:any::'
>   stanza fires on host 'blast003'. But the 'blastqFunction' stanza
>   does *NOT* fire, even though 'blastqFunction' is listed in the
>   'Defined classes' when cfagent is run (IPs elided):
> Defined Classes = ( any cfengine_2_0_7p3 Tuesday Hr12 Min21 Min20_25 Q2 
> Hr12_Q2 Day18 November Yr2003 linux blast003 32_bit linux_2_4_21_P3_4G i686 
> linux_i686 linux_i686_2_4_21_P3_4G 
> linux_i686_2_4_21_P3_4G__21_SMP_Tue_Sep_16_08_01_21_EDT_2003 
> compiled_on_linux_gnu blast003_ncbi_nih_gov net_iface_lo net_iface_eth0 
> www_xx_yy_zz blast003_ncbi_nlm_nih_gov www_xx_yy ipv4_www_xx_yy_zz 
> ipv4_www_xx_yy ipv4_www_xx ipv4_www blastqFunction )
>   Now the *really* screwy thing is that if I run 
>   'cfagent -D blastqFunction', then (1) 'blastqFunction' moves forward
>   in the list of defined classes, ending up right after
>   'cfengine_2_0_7p3', and (2) now the 'copy:blastqFunction::' stanza
>   fires.
>   So, my question is, why isn't that stanza firing with a plain old
>   'cfagent' run, since the class that should trigger it is defined?
>   (And since that's what I'd like it to do, of course...)
>   I'm pondering upgrading to 2.1, but from a quick scan of the
>   ChangeLog, I didn't see anything that looked like it addresses this
>   problem... 

  I'm not sure if I should interpret the lack of response as "that is
  such an obviously stupid thing to do it's not even worth touching"
  or "gosh, that looks like an actual bug". Any help here?

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Consequently I'm not self actualized.  -- Calvin

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