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Re: problem with copy stanza not firing

From: John S J Anderson
Subject: Re: problem with copy stanza not firing
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 18:42:35 -0500
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Daniel Pittman <address@hidden> writes:

> Try adding the class to 'AddInstallable' in your control section. That
> resolved a similar odd problem for me.

  Thanks for the pointer, Daniel. When I reviewed the documentation
  for that option, I found this bit of information:

Cfengine is not always able to see these classes until it meets them
and tries to save space by only loading actions for classes which is
believes will become defined at some point in the program. This can
lead to some actions being missed if the action is parsed before the
place where the class gets switched on, since cfengine is a one-pass

  For some reason, I was thinking that 'include:' directives were
  expanded in place and then the whole cfagent.conf was
  evaluated. Once I found out about the above, the problem was
  obvious: the group definition was in an included file, and the
  'copy:' section was in the main file. Splitting up the cfagent.conf
  file completely, so that everything is loaded via 'include:', has
  fixed the problem.

  Thanks again; you saved a significant chunk of my (remaining)
  hair. 8^)= 

"If you say to people that they, as a matter of fact, can't protect
their conversations, in particular their political conversations, I
think you take a long step toward making a transition from a free
society to a totalitarian society." - Whitfield Diffie

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