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Re: IPRange() on multihomed machines

From: Will Lowe
Subject: Re: IPRange() on multihomed machines
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 11:32:16 -0800
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> >Which interface does IPRange() apply to on a multihomed machine?  Or
> >does/can it apply to all of them?

> Which version of cfengine?

I'm in the midst of upgrading to 2.1.0p1.

> You might do a "cfagent -v -p". If all the interfaces are listed in the 
> defined classes then you're probably in good shape. Otherwise you're 

It seems to find all the interfaces:

Address given by nameserver:
Interface 1: lo
Interface 2: lo:0
Interface 3: lo:1
Interface 4: eth0
Interface 5: eth1

But it looks like IPRange() is only applied to the eth0 interface, and
it looks like it's only using eth0 when defining the ipv4_* classes.


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