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clarification on use of groups

From: Lev Lvovsky
Subject: clarification on use of groups
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 12:53:16 -0800

Hello - I'm new to the list, and a newb to Cfengine, so go easy ;)

In setting up file copies in cfservd.conf, is there any way to incorporate groups? The only way that I've been successful with copying files, is to specify something like:

  <some file> dest=<some dest>

I realize that I can use wildcards for the server name, but it would seem that the use of groups would be much easier to work with - allowing only groups of servers to get the files specified. I might be missing some basic concepts here.

Also, I'm curious about the "domain" setting in the control section of the cfservd, how does cfservd use this variable? I still need to specify a FQDN in the admit section. Again, I might be missing something here.

thanks for any advice!

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