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Re: Mandrake 10.1 patch resubmission

From: Chip Seraphine
Subject: Re: Mandrake 10.1 patch resubmission
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 15:50:00 -0600
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I'm looking for any kind of mandrake that uses the "new" token introduced in 10.1. We don't want to put "Mandrakelinux release 10.1" in there, because then we'd have no chance of future compatability-- we'd like to not have to patch misc.c every Mandrake release if we can avoid it. The MANDRAKE_10_1_ID token is only used to tell the linux_mandrake_version() function how to parse the "new" format of mandrake-release file instead of the "old" one.

The name *is* misleading though. It is really saying "The mandrake ID for versions beginning with 10.1", but that is too long for a #define. Perhaps to avoid confusion I should have called it MANDRAKE_ALT_ID instead.

Guillaume Rousse wrote:

Chip Seraphine wrote:

Unfortunately, the changes broke the patch.

< #define MANDRAKE_10_1_ID "Mandrake Linux 10"

really needs to remain

 > #define MANDRAKE_10_1_ID "Mandrakelinux"

MANDRAKE_10_1_ID is the token being matched in the file provided by Mandrake (/etc/mandrake-release). We don't have the option of making it an arbitary string, unfortunately. Since "Mandrake Linux 10" does not appear in /etc/mandrake-release, this causes the function to fail

Are you looking for any kind of mandrake, or the exact version ? Because for a 10.1, you have to look for "Mandrakelinux release 10.1", not just "Mandrakelinux".


Chip Seraphine
Unix Administrator
TradeLink, LLC

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