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Re: segmentation fault in InitializeLocks

From: Lars Damerow
Subject: Re: segmentation fault in InitializeLocks
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 09:00:46 -0800
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>From Tim Nelson <address@hidden>, Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 03:33:37PM +1100:
>       If you're talking about computer time, it should all be 
> overlapping, and not make so much difference.  If you're talking about 
> people time, you could add a "shutdown -r +1" to shellcommands, only 
> activated if the setup class is true.  You could even try:
> 1.    Make a script which essentially does the cfagent command, followed
>       by "shutdown -r now".
> 2.    Run that script from rc.local instead of cfagent

If the problems crop up again, I'll try out these suggestions. Thanks!

>       Incidentally, what, other than kernel/iptables upgrades requires a 
> reboot on a Linux box?  (or is that what you're doing?)

We modify some of the parameters passed to the kernel in grub.conf.

> >Is there a way to do a static build using configure flags? I didn't see
> >anything obvious, so I had to run configure as usual and then tweak the
> >Makefile to add '-static' to CFLAGS and change '-ldb' into '-ldb-4.2'.
>       You're asking the wrong guy now :).  I depend on RPM way too much.

Me too. That's why I'm hoping to clean up the build a little--my spec file
now has a pretty gross hack in it. :)

Thanks for all the help!


lars damerow
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