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Re: Newbie help with how to implement update and cfagent.conffiles

Subject: Re: Newbie help with how to implement update and cfagent.conffiles
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 10:01:51 -0400

>>> "Tim Nelson" <address@hidden> 05/18/05 4:00 AM >>>
> On Sun, 15 May 2005, PAUL WILLIAMSON wrote:
> > If I have a policyt master, can I also treat it as a regular
>       Yes.  I do this.

Ok good.  Sounds like other people are doing this as well...

>       Yeah, I do something similar (although I store my master 
> files in /usr/etc/cfengine, as per cfengine-masterconf (cf. 

Had not heard of this before.  Thanks for the links!
Does it normally take 2-3 days for e-mail to show up on the list?

After sleeping on this for a while, I just need some validation...

update.conf - distributed by the policy master.  Initially copied 
to a client machine manually.  This file should only be sent out 
when there is an absolute need to update the basic distribution 

cfagent.conf - does all the necessary checking and associated 
configurations modifications as needed

cfservd.conf - Used only for the policy master.  But, I've seen 
references in the archives to people running the sfservd 
process on servers that are not policy masters.  I have no 
need to run more than one policy master at this point, so 
do I need to run cfservd on a cfclient-only machine?

Another question I have is when is it appropriate to run cfagent 
in daemon mode vs. crontab?  I saw a post from Christian Pearce 
that he runs cfagent via crontab, distributed through the 
update.conf to add the entry via the Append line.  That seems 
like a very good idea.  I just can't find the darn post in the 
archives to test it out.


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