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Re: Language functionality (was: Re: another mysterious segfault)

From: Tim Nelson
Subject: Re: Language functionality (was: Re: another mysterious segfault)
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 10:22:49 +1000 (EST)

On Wed, 31 Aug 2005, Mark Burgess wrote:

The main reason I say that perl is "primitve" in this context is that it
does not have datatypes or type checking. That makes it possible for
objects to be totally misrepresented.

        Ok, I understand your definition of primitive :).  Thanks.

It also makes it very difficult to return structured objects from data.

? I do this all the time, unless you have a different meaning of structured object than I do. Can you point me at information about or an example of something that returns structured objects from data (whether in Perl or something else)?

It would be difficult to do things like file copying in perl, because file copying needs to understand objects that have holes in them, which could can't do from the high level interface.

Not sure I understand objects with holes in them -- Google returns nothing relevant :). Can you point me at information or an example?

It is possible that Perl 6 will solve this kind of thing,

I know it has data types and type-checking (in fact it lets you choose whether you want data types on a per-variable basis :) ). But no point drooling over Perl6; it's not out yet :).

but I believe that Perl has a different destiny.

To work endlessly on version 6 until it becomes irrelevant? :) With any luck, the unification of scripting language backends into Parrot will at least go ahead (hopefully allowing scripts to call functions in other languages).

Cfengine 3 will be written in a simple dialect of C++, to borrow from the vast standard libraries that have been developed for it. So it should combine the best of both worlds.

I certainly don't expect you to write it in Perl :), and that's not what I'm after here; I just want to understand criticisms of Perl, because they may point out better ways of doing things that I will run into in the future.

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