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Re: schedule parameter?

From: Matt Brown
Subject: Re: schedule parameter?
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 08:59:17 -0700
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On Wednesday 21 September 2005 08:20 am, Paul Krizak wrote:
> I want cfagent to run at 7am every morning.  So I have this statement in
> my control section:
>      schedule = ( Hr07 Min00_05 )
> With the presumption that cfagent ANDs the time classes together (the
> docs are very very tight-lipped about how to specify time classes).
> What this ended up doing, however, was to make cfagent run at the top of
> the hour, every hour, and continuously for an hour (over and over and
> over again) during the 7:00 hour.  So apparently the time classes are
> ORed, and cfagent doesn't seem smart enough to know to only run once
> during a particular time period.
> How do I tell cfengine to run *ONCE* at 7am, and only *ONCE* per day?

schedule = ( Hr07.Min00_05 )

From the docs:
A compound class is a sequence of simple classes connected by dots or `pipe' 
symbols (vertical bars).

Matt Brown

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