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User management

From: Matthew Palmer
Subject: User management
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 18:34:04 +1000
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Is there a standard recommended way to manage the existence of local user
accounts on cfengine-managed systems?  I have a deep and abiding need to
manage the creation of accounts on a bunch of machines, and it seems the
easiest to have cfengine manage all of that hoohah.

I'm currently running a script like so:

#!/bin/sh -e

if ! getent passwd $1; then
        adduser --disabled-password $1

(Debian-specific, but the guts can be modified for any distro you like)

This *feels* like a dirty hack to me; there has to be a more cfengine way,
but I'm not sure which method would be nicest.  Any suggestions?  Google
(surprisingly) didn't give me much love with queries like "cfengine create
user" and "cfengine manage users".

- Matt

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