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RE: [Cfengine] RCSs and CFEngine

From: Nielsen, Steve
Subject: RE: [Cfengine] RCSs and CFEngine
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 11:13:38 -0500

In this case ignoring svn, cvs related files in a global manner if okay
since those are not desired in the production cfengine area (at least I
don't desire them).  In general I do stay away from things like this
except when ignoring source control related files like .svn, CVS, etc.

What types of problems might on encounter when ignoring .svn files in a
global manner?


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To: Nielsen, Steve
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Subject: Re: [Cfengine] RCSs and CFEngine

Nielsen, Steve wrote:

> Neither.  It stands on its own:
> ignore:
>   any::
>     .svn
> This will cause any cfengine statement that deals with files to ignore
> .svn directories (and their contents).


I think this is dangerous, particularly if you have more than one admin
involved in your cfengine policy. Once your collection of input files
grows past a certain size, these global declarations almost always start
to interact with your configuration in unforeseen ways. I would
using ignore=.svn in the copy statement. It is easier to read, and will
be safer in the long term.



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