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Wget help

From: Pazit & Nadav
Subject: Wget help
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 09:42:02 +0300



I downloaded the last version that includes SSl support.


I run it with username and password and it works.


I want to continue and pass to others papers and I have problem, because now there is no username and password and in the source I didn’t find any clue for session ID.


If I work with the explorer there are some files in the cookies directory and in temp directory, when I work with WGET this files didn’t update.


Please help how I can update these files or how I send this ID/KEY to the server.


If you have tips or ideas or examples it will help me a lot.


Thanks a lot in advance,


Nadav Goldman

(    +972- 4 -8101202

(    +972-54-8101202


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