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Re: Help required regardingGNU Assembler Problems-Reg.

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Help required regardingGNU Assembler Problems-Reg.
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2020 14:42:09 -0600

mastercomputerservices 1957 wrote:
> Namaste!


> Highly required your assistance to solve my Assembler routine.
> So many mails were sent to,but nobody replied so far.
> Anxiously waiting for your early help.

You have written to the generic help for GNU utilities mailing list
for projects that don't have their own help list.  Which is okay.  But
you are asking about an assembler something.  The GNU Project
assembler is part of the GNU Binutils project.  And the binutils
project has it's own mailing list.  Therefore you should write there
for discussion about the assembler and binutils.

The address is almost always overloaded with very general
stuff.  It's much better to write to the specific project address

BUT FIRST let me help you write a better message.  Because your
message could be more effective.  First off you did not include your
question in the body of your mail message.  That means that someone
who is simply reading your message cannot see any question there.
Most people are likely to ignore it in that case since they did not
see a question that they could answer.

The message instead included an attachment in .docx format.  That's
less than good on the best days and worse on other days.  It's
traditionally been such a problem that there is a reference page
specifically about these types of attachments.  Please read and then
please avoid sending such attachment types to community mailing lists.

However I decided that I might be able to help you and therefore I did
go to the trouble of decoding that attachment.  And I was surprised to
find plain text there!  That makes it doubly problematic.  If it was
plain text in the first place then it should have been attached as a
plain text file so that it would be plainly visible for all to read.
This makes your queries harder to read and because they are harder
they are less likely to be answered.

Also a specific comment about the wording of your attachment:

> I want your immediate guidance/help regarding GNU Assembler interface
> with GNU Fortran problem. Given below for your ready reference.

Please remember that we are all volunteers here.  We don't get paid
anything.  This is not our jobs.  I am just another user in the
community exactly like you.  We help when we can help.  When we can't
help then we cannot help.

Including demands such as "I want your immediate..." anything is much
too demanding to be asking of people who are helping only out of the
goodness of their hearts.  Such statements often have the opposite
effect.  They cause people who might help to be "put off" by it and to
ignore such messages.  Trouble words there are "want" and "immediate".
It is always good to think about how you would react if you were the
one helping others and were reading the message.

Personally when I am stuck and need help I think it is okay to say
something about my problem and talk about me but not to demand from
others.  Example:

    I am stuck.  I cannot figure this out.  Please help me figure out
    how to do this.

Something like that is much more likely to get help from people than
demanding that they help you immediately.

Having said all of the above now let me point you toward the GNU
binutils project.  The project home page with all of the information
is here:

On that page I find the mailing list for the binutils project to be
this folowing mailing list.

    <> (archives,
    For discussing binutils issues.

Good luck! :-)


I will copy and paste your .docx attachment here as plain text.

----- Forwarded attachment from D. Sundar Chand -----

I want your immediate guidance/help regarding GNU Assembler interface
with GNU Fortran problem. Given below for your ready reference.

What is the correct syntax?

Below my trial assembly routine for windows xp, 32 Bit, Intel Centrino
Core*2 Duo machine given for your ready reference.

     ?  .386P                              # what is the correct syntax?
     ?      .text                          # what is the correct syntax?
     ?      .data                          # what is the correct syntax?
     ?      .code                          # what is the correct syntax?
           start:                         # no error
           pushl  %ebp                    # no error
           movl   %ebp,%esp               # no error
           movb   %ah,0                   # no error
     ?     lesl?    %bx,dword ptr[%ebp+6]    # what is the correct syntax?
     ?     movl?    %al,%esi:[%ebx]          # what is the correct syntax?
       int    $16                         # no error
       movl   %esp,%ebp                   # no error
       pop    %ebp                        # no error
       ret    $04                         # no error
       exit:                              # no error

I particularly want the above question mark ? Syntaxes at the earliest
with all correct syntax programs. I have tried in many ways in many
times, but failed. There are no working examples available regarding
GNU Assembler. No body wrote the working examples. They have not given
any examples without work.  Till today nobody helped me.

The original MS-DOS assembly routine given below for your ready
reference of32 Bit, Intel Centrino Core*2 Duo machine.

             PUBLIC SCREEN
                    PUSH   BP
                    MOV    BP,SP
                    MOV    AH,0
                    LES    BX,DWORD PTR [BP+6]
                    MOV    AL,SI:[BX]
                    INT    16
                    MOV    SP,BP
                    POP    BP
                    RET    04
                    SCREEN ENDP

Now I want to convert it into a Toshiba A 205,Satellite laptop with
Windows XP,32 Bit, Intel Centrino Core*2 Duo machine.

Finally I am begging you to solve my problem. Otherwise please refer
another expert to my problem.

Sorry I am troubling you, because there is no alternate to you.
Please try to suggest a useful book/online material on this language.
Please help me to solve and learn further.

Anxiously waiting for your early email

If not possible to solve my problem, I want to take sanyasa
Ashram,because I tied and vex up.


D. Sundar Chand

----- End attachment forward -----

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