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[Koha-devel] FAQ

From: Nicholas Stephen Rosasco
Subject: [Koha-devel] FAQ
Date: Tue Oct 23 08:59:06 2001

I know I've been... not contributing anything for quite awhile (a few
pesky and inconvenient problems associated with finishing my degree, my
apologies to everyone).

I was going to start working on the FAQ which has been on the list for me
at Sourceforge for quite awhile.... since it is intended for the user
community, I was going to get submissions from them as to what it should

Thoughts?  Objections?  Other requests?
The quicky links page I threw together is still there at 
http://www.people.virginia.edu/~nsr4n/Koha if anyone
needs it for anything?

Randomly, the test drive option at Koha.org may have a problem in
http://hlt.katipo.co.nz/catalogue/ has a link ("acquisitions") to
http://hlt.katipo.co.nz/catalogue/acquisitions, which doesn't exist.

In case you hadn't heard, the OpenBook people are in a "technical
beta", but warn users that the database (and anything else) may be
unusable in future versions... assuming you're interest in the status of
the Koha "offspring."

I have a collection of small libraries at my institution interested in
using Koha, but they all want to know if there is some form for easy entry
of data -- they all would be using volunteer labor to manually key in a
fair amount of their collection information (probably from old style card
catalogs) and really would like as-simple-as-possible forms for that.  I
see the order/receive forms, but don't see (forgive my missing it if it is
there, I've not played with the acquire setup in a loooong time) a form to
manually create items.

The ability key in an ISBN and have a lookup (say at some National Library
MARC/Z39.50) server is there.  I know the MARC project is going along well
-- what are the chances of them being able to do that (instead of typing
in complete records) soon?

I was considering trying to pitch in on that over this past summer, but
was... daunted... by the scope of the MARC format.

Thanks, apologies for the rambling length of this,

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