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[Koha-devel] resuming translation effort

From: Benedykt
Subject: [Koha-devel] resuming translation effort
Date: Sat Sep 27 15:38:07 2003

Hi all,
I've been away from the koha project for some time now. Yesterday, I checked 
koha-tmpl module and noticed a considerable amount of changes to the template 
in it. Congratulations to you folks for all the good work.

Now, What tools are at peoples' desposal around there to quickly compare the 
between say opac/default/en directory and opac/default/pl directory?

All of the files differ because the polish version has translations in it.
The english version evolved and has additions that are not found in the old 
polish files.
And I am talking about differences to not only english words but also to the 
code in tmpl 

Is there an easy way to accomplish the difficult job?

Thanks for any information

PS. I will be interested in windows tools for some time now. 

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