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[Koha-devel] is everything templified?

From: Benedykt
Subject: [Koha-devel] is everything templified?
Date: Sun Sep 28 05:19:05 2003

Is the upcoming release of koha-2.0.0 going to be all templified? 

I have found a good program that works for me: winmerge. So don't be 
bothered with my question about how to find changes between original 
and translated files in my previous post.

During the process however one feels that translation effort at this 
stage is very tedious. One has to visually make sure that lines that 
changed look so only because there's a translation string in them.
Otherwise one needs to accept the changes and, if needed, translate 
the strings, if any.

Therefore I am still longing for a solution that would extract all the 
language strings into a file (or there could be several of them) which, in 
turn, could contain only original=>translated pairs. that file should then 
be consulted by the perl or template files for users to see them in their 
own language.

It would speed up the translation of koha a lot.


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