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Re: [Koha-devel] resuming translation effort

From: robweir
Subject: Re: [Koha-devel] resuming translation effort
Date: Sun Sep 28 05:42:03 2003

If you are looking for a windows tool, try CSdiff available from
Glad you're back!


----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Benedykt" <address@hidden>
> To: address@hidden
> Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 00:29:53 +0200
> Subject: [Koha-devel] resuming translation effort
> Hi all,
> I've been away from the koha project for some time now. Yesterday, I
checked out
> koha-tmpl module and noticed a considerable amount of changes to the
template files
> in it. Congratulations to you folks for all the good work.
> Now, What tools are at peoples' desposal around there to quickly compare
the changes
> between say opac/default/en directory and opac/default/pl directory?
> All of the files differ because the polish version has translations in it.
> The english version evolved and has additions that are not found in the
old polish files.
> And I am talking about differences to not only english words but also to
the code in tmpl
> files!
> Is there an easy way to accomplish the difficult job?
> Thanks for any information
> Benedict
> PS. I will be interested in windows tools for some time now.

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