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Re: [Koha-devel] Koha on Bookmobile?

From: genjimoto
Subject: Re: [Koha-devel] Koha on Bookmobile?
Date: Wed Apr 21 16:09:01 2004

This idea is also required for branches without a dedicated internet link. For instance, the Theosophical society. Most branches don't even have a telephone, let alone internet. So.. what needs to happen..... i take koha's daily transactions to a net cafe or something, and upload that file to a main internet connected server, or a email address who can go to the central koha computer, and process the file. Then, that person creates diff files for all the branches... excluding their own transactions they put in. the other branch librarians copy the diff file to a disk, and give koha it, and it processes it, modifying the database accordingly. One idea. Lets get off the biblionum, biblioitem and biblioitemnum system, and have Barcodes as our keys.
Just an idea.

At 01:06 22/04/04, Joshua Ferraro wrote:

Hi all,

One idea we had was installing a full version of Koha on a laptop that
the Bookmobile staff would carry with them throughout the day to use
for transactions...at the end of the day the Bookmobile transactions
would be merged into the system-wide Koha database and the laptop's
database would also be updated with the rest of the transactions, etc.

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