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[Koha-devel] 2.2.x roadmap

From: Paul POULAIN
Subject: [Koha-devel] 2.2.x roadmap
Date: Tue Mar 8 07:07:43 2005
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I would be happy if ppl working on a translation of Koha 2.2 send a mail on this list to say "hey, i'm working on translation to XXX", and comment this mail...

I plan to release other 2.2.x & I want to organise the release process.

1- define which translations can be called "officially supported" and which can be called "not up to date" (french & english being officially supported. what about chinese ? spanish ? other translations)
To be "officially supported" a translation must be updated often enough.

2- warn translators (through koha-translate) that "a release will be made in 15 days".

3- Translators have 15 days to update their translation file & commit it (or send it to me)

4- if a commit occurs between the "release warning", that has something to do with translations, i send a mail to koha-translate, describing what has been updated.

5- I generate all translated templates, build the release, test it as usual (! but in english only), then release it.

all translation files that have been sent to me between the "release warning" and the public release are called "officially supported". Other are "not up to date". If a translation is more than 3 releases old, it's deprecated to "out of date" & removed from public release.
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responsable francophone de koha (SIGB libre http://www.koha-fr.org)

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