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[Koha-devel] Release map for 2.2.2

From: Paul POULAIN
Subject: [Koha-devel] Release map for 2.2.2
Date: Tue Mar 8 07:11:35 2005
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Release map for 2.2.2 :
* Release warning for translators march, 18
* Public release April, 7 or 8 (be warned that the week after i'll be in Nelsonville, the week after in Koha teaching, so 15 without support from me)

The release notes are already long :

***** Critical
* 2 bugfixes in suggestions :
- major : a suggestion was not shown in acquisition except when ordered by the suggestor itself.
- minor : the name was not shown in "accepted by" column, in acquisition

***** Minor
* showing marcnotes in opac-detail (bug #920)
* renewal date was improperly calculated. Now, returndate is calculated from today, not from previous returndate * some fixes in authority search (worked, but could fail to return results under certain circumstances) * display waiting status only if item has arrived at pickup branch. Setting 'atdestination' variable if so. Changes are required in the template to take advantage of this. * in circulation, when clicking on member, the member page is opened twice (in main window & in a popup). The popup has been removed.
* some fixes for date & currency format

***** Major
* The stat module is here !!! In Reports menu, you now have 4 powerful "stat builder" (for catalogue, borrowers, issues and acquisitions). You can define 3 things in a report : what you want in columns, what you want in lines, and filters you want on datas. For issues & acquisitions, you also can choose what you want in each cell (count or amount, or loan length). You can get those results in your borwser, or in your spreadsheet (MS-Excel & OpenOffice.org work fine). This module will continue to be improved to get the possibility to retrieve bulk datas in your spreadsheat (! still a little bit buggy today, problem with NULL values) * added a tool in misc/merge_authority.pl to merge 2 authorities (and modify biblios using them) * added a tool in misc/migration_tools/check_marc_definition.pl that can be helpful when you migrate your datas. It compare the datas in the DB and the setting of MARC structure It show all fields/subfields that are in the MARC DB but NOT in any tab (= fields used but not visible) Usually, this means you made an error in your MARC editor. Sometimes, this is something normal. * showing item status in result list. The book status is in items.notforloan (every non 0 value meaning "book not for loan). The item status should be mapped to an item MARC subfield & this subfield should usually be connected to an authorised_value list. * in authorities search forms, adding a "main entry" field ($a), to limit the search. The "anywhere" field is still here. An option has been added to search "contains" or "start by". * item status (opac & librarian interfaces) The item status has been improved : It now can be :
- on order (= item has been ordered, but not yet arrived at the library)
- not for loan : if the "notforloan" field is mapped to an authorised value list, the right value is shown. Thus, an item can be "lost" or "being repaired", or whatever you put in the authorised values list. (reminder : the "notforloan" field, when 0 means 'ok, book can be issued', and all other values means 'nok, book can't be issued' (whatever the reason, that can be in the authorised value table)
* in catalogue search, the user can now order asc or desc.
* added an option to duplicate a biblio
* added a stylesheet for the printer (useful in acquisition basket printing. The doNotPrint style can be used anywhere to remove a part of the screen during printing)

**** Minor
* Show the current borrower in librarian interface, normal view of a biblio (with a link to jump to borrower page) * in authorities, added a "main entry" search field. Will limit the search to the main entry of the main field of the authority (the $a of the tag_to_report field) * acquisition, module, adding a button to delete a line in order (was possible by setting qty to 0, but it's more user-friendly) * added small tool to check MARC fields/subfields in your DB that are related to subfields ignored in MARC structure (Koha >> parameters >> biblio framework) (misc/migration_tools/check_marc_definition.pl)
* changes in overdue_notice.pl script :
- moving all parameters at start of script => easier to maintain
- sending overdues for borrowers without mail to a "koha admin mail".
- ignoring borrowers with "overduenoticerequired" set to 0 (= don't send overduenotice)
- removing "print" to have a silent script (ie can be put in crontab)
* in circulation, adding a button to edit the borrower & go back to the circ screen directly.

Consultant ind├ępendant en logiciels libres
responsable francophone de koha (SIGB libre http://www.koha-fr.org)

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