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[Koha-devel] scripts running in shell => checking for documentation

From: Paul POULAIN
Subject: [Koha-devel] scripts running in shell => checking for documentation
Date: Tue Mar 8 06:51:30 2005
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Hello all,

I want to speak of all scripts that can de run in a shell (to write some doc)

For all those scripts, i describe :
- author
- status in 2.2
- feature

PLEASE comment, confirm, add,... every script entry.

* misc/overduenotices.pl
- Nelsonville (i've improved it recently, modifs untested yet)
- work in 2.2
- This script send mail to patrons having late issues.

* misc/fines2.pl
- Katipo
- Probably don't work anymore in 2.2
- calculates fines.

* misc/notify/notes.pl
- Katipo
- Probably don't work anymore in 2.2
- calculates fines too ?

* misc/merge_authority.pl
- Paul Poulain
- work in 2.2
- This script (new in CVS) merges 2 authorities by reporting all "mergefrom" authority entries in biblio to the "mergeto" authority. (script in shell because can be longer than apache timeout)

(all of them should be in migration_tool directory, even if some/most are not. I'll move them soon)

* build_marc_word.pl
- Nelsonville
- work in 2.2 ?
- MARC21 only, that builds a new marc_word table with a reduced number of tags (only those tags that should be searched) allowing for faster and more accurate searching when used with the SearchMarc routines.

* bulkauthimport.pl
- Paul Poulain
- was intended to help migrating authority files.
- Probably don't work.

* cleanmarcdb.pl
- Paul Poulain
- Has not been updated to work with frameworks, does not work in 2.2, should be "easy" to update. - was intended to clean the MARC-DB by removing unused subfields (from marc structure).

* compare_iso_and_marc_parameters.pl
- Paul Poulain
- Show all MARC subfields in a iso2709 that are not defined in MARC structure & all subfields in MARC structure that are not used in iso2709. Useful to check a data migration (with bulkmarcimport) - worked in 2.0, will use only default framework in 2.2, but otherwise, should still work.

* dumparc.pl
- Paul Poulain
- work, I use it almost every day
- dump an iso2709 file to a human readable form.

* koha2marc.pl
- Paul Poulain
- should still work in 2.2. However, useful only for MARC=OFF libraries, and I don't have such libraries as customers.
- script to migrate from 1.2 to 2.0 (non MARC datas)

* rebuildnonmarcdb.pl
- Paul Poulain
- work in 2.2
- script that rebuilds the non MARC-DB (after modif in the MARC parameters & mapping for example).

* rebuildthesaurus.pl
- will be deleted soon, useless (was useful before MARC authorities)

* update_marcsubjects.pl
- Waylon Robertson
- Status unknown in 2.2, should work
- This script is useful only for libraries with MARC=OFF (MARC=0) It rebuild the subjects in the MARC table from the non MARC tables.

* buildLANG.pl
- Paul Poulain
- work in 2.2
- rebuilds the LANG authorised value list from the biblios. This LANG authorised value list has to be connected with language marc subfields.

* buildEDITORS.pl
- Paul Poulain
- work in 2.2
- small script to recreate a authority table into Koha.
This will parse all your biblios to recreate isbn / editor / collections for the unimarc_210c and unimarc_225a plugins.

* build6xx.pl
- Paul Poulain
- Does not work & is not supposed to work from scratch.
- This script rebuild the thesaurus/authorities from the biblios. Useful during migration, and ALWAY NEED tuning to fit your exact DB structure. Impossible to do a work "out of the box script"

* bulkmarcimport.pl
- Paul Poulain
- work in 2.2
- the well known script to import datas into a DB, during migration. Works, although often needs some tuning.

* check_marc_definition.pl
- Paul Poulain
- work in 2.2
- Script that compare the datas in the DB and the setting of MARC structure. It show all fields/subfields that are in the MARC DB but NOT in any tab (= fields used but not visible) Usually, this means you made an error in your MARC editor. Sometimes, this is something normal.
Consultant ind├ępendant en logiciels libres
responsable francophone de koha (SIGB libre http://www.koha-fr.org)

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