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Re: [Koha-devel] scripts running in shell => checking for documenta

From: Stephen Hedges
Subject: Re: [Koha-devel] scripts running in shell => checking for documentation
Date: Wed Mar 9 09:10:32 2005
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> * misc/overduenotices.pl
> - Nelsonville (i've improved it recently, modifs untested yet)
> - work in 2.2
> - This script send mail to patrons having late issues.

I've just completed a major modification to this script (used it in
production today for the first time), but I suspect it's too specialized
and would only be useful at NPL.

The modified script will send repeated, detailed e-mail overdue notices
(with a list of all items currently checked out) _if_ the library has an
e-mail address for the person.  If there is no e-mail address on file, it
just sends one notice by mail (assuming the script is run once a week).

I'm going to be modifying the script again soon, so if there is no e-mail
address the script prepares a file of addresses to ftp to the US Postal
Service, who will prepare and mail overdue notice postcards for much less
(24 cents each) than we are now paying to send our regular mail notices
(37 cents each, plus staff time).

I could always add these scripts in CVS (with new names), if you don't
think they're too specialized.


Stephen Hedges
Skemotah Solutions, USA
www.skemotah.com  --  address@hidden

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