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Re: [Koha-devel] koha head and prog templates

From: Paul POULAIN
Subject: Re: [Koha-devel] koha head and prog templates
Date: Wed Oct 26 01:16:10 2005
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Paul POULAIN a écrit :
I've just donwloaded the PROG templates owen made, and have some comments.

continuing thinking on the list...

I did not dream the solution last night, but have some comments after investigating a little bit more.

It seems that the PROG templates contains a lot of copy/paste from default ones. The copy/paste is related to the "core" of each page, I mean the "center" of the screen, it's main content. Every graphical improvement being removed. I've looked inside acquire.tmpl, aqbudget.tmpl and circulation.tmpl, except for header and footer, they almost are a copy of default templates.

That confirms what I wrote yesterday and can describe a little bit more, I think it's a way to explore.
A page contains :
* a header at the top.
* a main menu (top or left usually). Always the same everywhere in the app.
* a title
* a contextual menu. contains every operations doable on this page (like "add a biblio", "see biblio in another format", "edit items", "add biblio to virtual shelf"...) * a navigation toolbar. Saying we were "Koha >> acquisition >> supplier >> recieve >> search order".
* a footer, at the end of the page.
* the core content.

The core content contains usually :
- lists (tables) of informations
- one or few forms
- only a few buttons and/or links.
that can be grouped in 1 or few logical blocs.

Couldn't we define this structure as the mandatory structure for PROG templates ? then, the developpers would have to "tag" their structure with code like <core num="1">xxxx</core num="2"> on logical blocs. We would then have to developp a script to copy every 'core' blocs in another template system. We also could add a tag for dest template system to say 'hey dude, i've modified a core bloc, don't overwritte it, i'll take care of it manually'. With a warning during template upgrade.

That might be a good solution, except that the core bloc will be the same for everybody.

Attached is a sample of what it could be for circulation.tmpl (randomly choosen template). I also have added a name="xxx" in the core to explain what the bloc is done for, and stored core tag as html comment.

Does that sound a good idea ?
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