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Re: Lilypond workshop will take place online via BigBlueButton on March

From: Jim
Subject: Re: Lilypond workshop will take place online via BigBlueButton on March 31st
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2021 12:37:50 -0400
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I just want to thank Tobias for taking the initiative with this, and to encourage anyone interested in music to attend.  I'm not sure whether I'll be able to attend because in my time zone it is still part of the working day.

Lilypond produces by far the nicest-looking output for any computer-typesetting system (and that's the project's design goal).  I use it to transcribe Turkish and Arabic music.  Turkish and Arabic music use microtones not found in the 12-tone-equal-temperament system on which the West is standardized, and notation is not generally supported by proprietary systems in the West (Finale, Sibelius, ...).  In fact this is a good example of how Free Software enables users, even if they don't code themselves:  it's my understanding that Adam Good, who plays Turkish music professionally (with NYC band Dolunay among others), raised money to hire programmers to extend Lilypond to support Turkish.  I'm an acquaintance of Adam's and he typically uses proprietary software, so he's not using Lilypond (with Frescobaldi) on ideological grounds.  Nevertheless he's seeing the benefit of the GPL (as am I!).

If you're curious for what Lilypond looks like, you can see some of my transcriptions here:  Note that for Arabic music Lilypond uses a flat with a diagonal line through it to represent half-flats rather than the more common backwards flat; I'm not sure of the reason for this choice.

-Jim Garrett

On 3/24/21 7:56 AM, Tobias Platen wrote:
I'm planning a workshop "How to compose songs with GNU/Lilypond and 
In this workshop I'll explain how to use lilypond, write a melody and 
exporting a midi for rendering with LMMS, and finally adding a free software 
virtual singer.
More information will be posted soon on

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