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Re: [Linphone-users] Possible bug when trying to use existing sip accoun

From: Alois Schatzl
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] Possible bug when trying to use existing sip account?
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2021 22:14:54 +0200
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I think NAT is not involved in my case, because the local DSL router provides 
the SIP interface. I use no SIP provider like linphone or sipgate.
I thought maybe I altered some of the codec settings by mistake and tried to 
get it back to default, which worked before, by making a fresh installation.

The real problem now is, that I even cannot to my SIP. I just enter user name, 
password, domain, tcp as during the first installation time and get the message 
„Error: failed to create account object“

 18.07.2021 um 21:48 wrote Trent Creekmore:
No audio is usually related to NAT issues.

On 7/18/21 7:02 AM, wrote:

some weeks ago I installed Linphone on my android 11 device to use it as a 
replacement for a DECT device. Linphone connected via sip with my DSL router. I 
was able to answer and initiate landline calls with that setup.

A few days ago I've noticed that there is no more audio after a connection is 
established. I can’t hear the other communication partner and vice versa.

I cleared linphone’s cache and data in android, removed linphone, rebooted the 
device and re-installed linphone 4.5.1 (15th of July 2021). Using the 
assistant, I chose ‘Use SIP account’ and entered my connection data as before. 
When clicking login, a message „Error: failed to create account object“ is 
shown on the bottom of the screen for a few seconds, and the “operation in 
progress, please wait” message stays on for ever.

Maybe with automatic updates and with the new installation I got a new version 
of linphone, which seems to try to set up a new linphone account, even when I 
try to use my existing, local sip account.

Does this happen only on my device? Am I making something wrong?



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