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Re: [Linphone-users] No Incoming Calls.

From: contact
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] No Incoming Calls.
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2022 02:24:17 +0200
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My LG LK460 to LM Linux Mint Computer IT WORKS GOOD

On Thursday, September 15, 2022 01:56 PM CDT, Lorenzo Corgiat Mecio <> wrote:
Hi Paul,

I am facing a similar issue.
I was using Cisco spa303 on linphone.
It has been working fine since about two weeks ago when I stopped
getting incoming calls as well on all my hardphones.
I DID NOT change anything on the network or phone configuration.
I also tried other networks and fresh factory-reset phones with
different software versions without luck.
Devices register fine and can make calls.
For experiment I setted up a classic vintage Grandstream 2000 phone
and that seems to work.
I say it seems because calls take ages to get through. I mean, I call
and the receiving phone can sometimes take 10 seconds to start
Other SIP providers are working fine with both setups and calls are
incoming in less than a second as usual.
I opened a topic here a few days ago but no answers so far...
I get on the phone I am calling from "User hasn't been found".
Settings are UDP.

Thank you


Il giorno gio 15 set 2022 alle ore 19:34 Paul Flint <>
ha scritto:
> Hi, Newbie here, long time user of Obihai ATAs, used to doing my own setup.
> Here's a problem I can't seem to solve:
> I set up a Service Provider and Voice Service for a new Linphone account on an Obi 200. It registers fine and I can initiate SIP calls to, callcentric, and SIPBroker.
> I can't call it, though. I get 403 and 404 errors from, callcentric, and 2 different ways from SIPBroker: a) using the **275 route from callcentric, and b) dialing from a PSTN line (in both cases using the *8954 proxy code for linphone).
> When dialing from an Obi 202, I put the URI in a speed dial slot.
> So, am I an idiot and missing something obvious, or is something subtle going on?
> Thanks in advance.
> -- Paul.
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