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lynx-dev Re: Another TagSoup problem

From: Ilya Zakharevich
Subject: lynx-dev Re: Another TagSoup problem
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 03:55:49 -0800
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Henry wrote:
> The html you quoted is a mess, and should be rendered as such IMO.

Right, let's penalize the writers of this mess by making it unreadable
on 0.01% of browsers!  :-(

> But, what do you mean by "default"?  I thought Lynx had only two
> parsers: "relaxed (TagSoup mode)" and "strict (SortaSGML mode)".
> AFAIK, these two are a toggle, and neither is _the_ default.

Quite the contrary.  So called "strict" (actually "make a mess without
any feedback to the user about the reason") parsing is the default.

> The user chooses which one Lynx should employ.

Do you mean that lynx will not render anything until the user makes
her choice?  And do you mean that lynx docs provide any grokable
feedback about what are the consequences of making this choice?

> I would expect TagSoup mode to at least make an attempt at rendering
> sloppy html, but SortaSGML mode should show it for the junk it is.

OK, how are you going to show that "something is a junk"?  How the
user is going to distinguish the "junk on screen" due to deficiencies
of lynx and "junk on screen" due to deficiencies of HTML?


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