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Re: lynx-dev calling lynx from xterm

From: Harland Christofferson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev calling lynx from xterm
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 21:34:44 -0500

At Tuesday, 3 February 2004, you wrote:

>Two things occur to me.
>Environment variables HAVE to be exported to be seen by
>Have you tried -dump to see if the lines don't get
>lynx -dump > output.txt

this only dumps the first page encountered, correct? the -cmd_script=myscript 
option in my commandline navigates an ssl website, i.e., login ..
 selection of parameters within the account. i want to pipe the 
html that is encountered to a text file so another script can parse 
the information. 

if environment varialble HAVE to be exported to be seen by lynx, 
how are they exported? again, everything works fine if i run the 
initial script from an xterm of the size i want. it even runs fine 
from a crontab but the piped output is truncated and of no use to 

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