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[MIT-Scheme-devel] UTF-8 sequences

From: craven
Subject: [MIT-Scheme-devel] UTF-8 sequences
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2015 10:55:29 +0100
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Hello fellow Schemers!

I've run into a curious problem. I'm working with UTF-8 files. Generally
things work very well, however (on a UTF-8 terminal):

1 ]=> "ä"

;Value 13: "ä"

1 ]=> "ß"

;Value 14: "Ã\237"

1 ]=> "\303\244"

;Value 15: "ä"

1 ]=> "\303\237"

;Value 16: "Ã\237"

Why does ä (\303\244) work fine, but ß (\303\237) not? I've also noticed
that DISPLAY works fine, while WRITE does not. Other characters that
don't work are ÄÖÜ, while äöü work fine.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this or where I should look in the

Thanks for any help!


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