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[Nhproxy-discuss] Re: slashem proxy interface

From: J. Ali Harlow
Subject: [Nhproxy-discuss] Re: slashem proxy interface
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 23:12:39 +0000

On 2007-01-29 02:53:43 PM, m m wrote:
Hi Ali,

I've been making some progress. I got nhproxy 0.9.0, but had errors compiling it.
            nhext.c:459: error: incompatible types in assignment
            nhext.c:528: error: incompatible types in assignment

These lines refer to
            ap = *app;
           *app = ap;
in the 'nhproxy_rpc_error_handler' function (va_list *app; va_list ap;).

I changed these lines to use va_copy, which seems to have done the trick and it compiled fine after that.

Looks like bug #11406, fixed in HEAD.

Next I went through the test examples, and pieced together a test program, which I have attached, alongside the make file. Output is here

Slashem LaunchedNhProxy RPC error: > NhExt standard "1.0" game "SlashEM" version "0.0.8E0F2" protocols "1,2"
NetHack Proxy: Failed to read reply to NhExt greeting
NetHack Proxy: Failed to initialize
Program initialization has failed.
Report error to "wizard".
Proxy: Failed to initialize window interface

As you can see from the comments in my code, there are some blanks. Any sugestions for the next step? The purpose is still just to successfully load, pass a few messages and exit gracefully.

This looks far too low-level to me for what I think you want.

You might need it if you wanted to convert NhExt to XML without using NhProxy to decode it. Frankly, however, I'm not convinced this is practical. NhExt relies on in-depth meta-knowledge to keep the bandwidth down. This seems completely incompatible with XML's self-describing nature.

Instead, I would recommend writing your own marshaling functions, registered as NhProxy external procedures which produce XML with no regard to the fact that the procedure has already been marshaled in NhExt.

I've started writing an example of a minimal NhProxy client program which you might find helpful:




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