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[Tinycc-devel] An experinment for C.

From: Ag, D.E Chatzimanikas
Subject: [Tinycc-devel] An experinment for C.
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2018 01:21:13 +0300
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Hi guys,

I really really want your opinion in that (even just one single
encourangment will be enough for my fragile feelings (i'm not
kidding here)).

Ok here it is:

I would like to use the followings in my C:

(this is a very very first start (the intention is to go far far
away (if time is generous of course (doubtfull)))):

#define ifnot(expr)  if ((expr) == 0)
#define beg {
#define end }

So what do you think?

(i mean, i'm a free man, i can write with any way i want (i know
that)), but as a first thought (really the first thought)?

And what about C purists?

I mean (i think i know what they are going to tell me, i could
even listen them):

don't ever touch our C! (but do you really think the same?) Just tell
me no and i will be fine to continue with this (but just remember before
you answer first: we always have to encourage newbies (okey?) so please
answer wisely))

Best regards,


(by the way (because i never spoke about programming before (i mean
in real life (okey this is also real, but we don't actually speak here
okey? (we write))))

how C is spelled?

Is it C as Ce (as vitamin C) or Ci as ab[c]? (not kidding) (okey my
own son made me aware of this misconseption) (but I do not trust
him a lot, as he is only 16 (how a boy can know better than his old
full of experience father?) it is unacceptable by my ego! (anyway I
thought i will ask here for certainity, as you more than every body
else you ought to know)


By the way, the very first prototype for a slang-tcc unification
was commited here:


for now it does nothing than initialization.

(be aware mode)
(there some verious serious spelling mistakes there, cause i don't see that
well anymore, so just to know anyway (not that really matters, really (sorry)))

This is a straight connection between slang and tcc, but in this implementation
slang overlap tcc.

I was thinking just before to write a more agnostic implementation, in which
the other pair of tcc, (which (for me) will be slang)) it will be defined in a
more abstracted way.

I see if i find time this night (maybe), so,

(have a good night)

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