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[Traverso-devel] traverso 0.30.1, things done/to be done

From: Remon Sijrier
Subject: [Traverso-devel] traverso 0.30.1, things done/to be done
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 16:25:46 +0200
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Hello list,

There are about 2 crash fixes in cvs right now, the addition of "merged 
audiowaveform drawing in stereo tracks", improved snapping will folow soon.

There's also the fixes to let traverso compile on Mac OS X, I've uploaded your 
diff's Nicola, with some minor changes.

What needs to be done for the next bug fix release:

- It would be lovely if there is a Mac OS X bundle.
- fix the audible "click" sound when playing over a clip boundary.
- ?

It's not really important to release a bug fix release, it can wait some more 
weeks, specially since no bugs are reported :-)
However, there are some important crash fixes, and nice additions, and it 
makes the project more alive when a bug fix release is made!

My own tree is diverging to much from the cvs tree, so I'll tag current cvs to 
0.30.1, so you can checkout 0.30.1, without the new plugin stuff which will 
be uploaded in the near future :-)

Stay tuned,


Have a look at the cvs docs how to checkout from a specific tag, I can't tell 
you right now :(

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