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Re: [Traverso-user] Traverso forum

From: Thomas Orgis
Subject: Re: [Traverso-user] Traverso forum
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 16:04:15 +0200

Am Thu, 20 Sep 2012 15:34:23 +0200
schrieb v4hn <address@hidden>: 

> every now and then someone sends a mail to one of these lists.

Eh ... is that you, v4hn, the one and only? We are on the same dormant
mailing list and I didn't notice for over a year!

My last contact with remon was on IRC on freenode. I really forgot
about this mailing list. There was remon and this other guy on the
channel. Yes, it is a small group, and sadly, not a very active one.
Though: v4hn, don't you have some open-source-coding capacity free to
step in? You help might just be welcomed;-)

> because the software is _wonderful_ and I would like to see
> the development continue.

Yes, it really is just missing that bit of functionality to make it the
killer. I remember messing with getting LV2 support working last time I
tried raverso. I really would love to explore the usability of that
interface, but as long as there is no routing with effect buses, it is
of no use to me:-(

Well, in principle one would hack this together using JACK for all
audio routing and a separate client process for each bus (track,
even?). For that to really make sense, one would need to rethink the
approach to the DAW, IMHO ... many really simple programs interacting
and some sane means to keep control (perhaps reducing the GUI to really
just being a GUI for herding those processes) or one reasonably complex
program that does the processing internally. Ardour is a massively
complex programming construct that pairs up with JACK for added
complexity ... so doesn't fit either of my ideal categories but the
only one really present in reality.

Traverso, being independent of JACK, would want to be placed in the
kitchen-sink-but-please-don't-make-it-too-fragile category, needing
extensions to its existing audio engine. That should be possible, just
if someone had the time and will to step up. $DEITY knows that I'm on
overload for too many years already. Sorry.

Alrighty then,


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