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RE: No url.list? Error.

From: Adam Stanley
Subject: RE: No url.list? Error.
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 15:27:34 -0500

> Adam Stanley wrote:
>> I've been playing around with 1.9 and I just discovered something. 
>> If you do not have a url.list file, websec stops. I've been using
>> different configuration files and came across this issue.  Has
>> anyone else seen this? 
> I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
> If there is no configuration file, websec will fail to open the
> non-existing config file and fail. That's obvious.
> If you gave it an alternative config file. it should just use that. I
> don't use such a case so I didn't test it in a while now. Is that the
> problem? 

I'm trying to migrate to WebSec 1.9 so I made a ~/websec19 directory.  In my
testing, I only had a url.yahoo.list configuration file.  WebSec didn't
really like that.

If that wasn't the exact use case, I think that I deleted my ~/url.list file
and websec waslooking it when I was running a command line like
~/websec19/websec url.yahoo.list.

Either way, some testing should prove it out.

>> Also, I could have sworn that I mentioned (AGES AGO) that I hacked
>> webdiff to support an option of "diffonly" that outputs only what's
>> different.  It doesn't seem that this hack made it into the
>> codestream. Any thoughts on moving it in?
> Some patches do end up on the floor, sometimes because I
> didn't like the
> patch and sometimes because it didn't apply. If you have such a patch
> for an updated version of WebSec (1.9 will do), please send it for
> consideration. 

I will do.  I'm not a patch master but I'll come up with something and send
it to you.  In my fork of 1.3.4 right now I have a new diff keyword of
diffonly.  I don't think that websec does anything other than pass it onto
webdiff which does all the work.  Some of the code is commented.  Would you
look at it off the 1.3.4 code stream or should I convert it to 1.9 first?
(And we can move this off list if you'd like.)


Adam Stanley

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