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[XWEM]: Re: Debugging xwem

From: Steve Youngs
Subject: [XWEM]: Re: Debugging xwem
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 12:13:00 +1000
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Evgeny replied to this, but mistakenly sent it directly to me instead
of to the list.  I tried to bounce it back to the list but it would
seem it got lost somewhere.

* Steve Youngs <address@hidden> writes:

  > Because most of the xwem functions are defined with
  > `define-xwem-command', things like `find-function' and `edebug-defun'
  > don't work.

Evgeny pointed me to `xwem-main.el' where there is:

;; If you want develop some xwem addons or take in touch with xwem, it
;; will be usefull to change `find-function-regexp', because xwem uses
;; its own syntax to define interactive commands.

;;     (setq find-function-regexp
;;           (concat "^\\s-*(\\(def[^cgvW]\\w+\\*?"
;;                "\\|define-function"
;;                "\\|define-obsolete-function-alias"
;;                "\\|define-compatible-function-alias"
;;                "\\|define-derived-mode"
;;                "\\|define-xwem-command"
;;                "\\)\\s-+%s\\(\\s-\\|$\\)"))

Which does the trick.  This'll be going straight into

Thanks for that.

  > What do you guys do to debug xwem?  How can I step through xwem
  > functions? 

Is there something I can tweak in edebug that will allow me to step
through functions that are defined with `define-xwem-command'?

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