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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Management of package options [Was: Re: Add `unit' ty

From: Mosè Giordano
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Management of package options [Was: Re: Add `unit' type for the parser in siunitx.el]
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 23:07:27 +0200

Hi Tassilo,

I'm sending the whole patch set.  It's a bit different from my
previous patches, because after some testing I've noticed they didn't
work well if one use `TeX-auto-generate-global' (many major GNU/Linux
distros run it after installing AUCTeX package).  Now in
`TeX-auto-store' I add elements to
`LaTeX-provided-{class,package}-options' instead of setq'ing these
variables, because in that case loading styles of included files would
make a mess with the value of those variables.  I've defined a new
function to add an alist to another.

I've used `TeX-match-buffer' to remove text properties.  At the end of
`LaTeX-arg-usepackage' I run style hooks for every active babel
language.  A more general solution, applicable to packages other than
babel, could be to reload inserted package if there are options.  This
can be done using `TeX-unload-style', removing style from
`TeX-active-styles' and running `TeX-run-style-hooks'.  But I believe
that removing style from `TeX-active-styles' should be moved inside
`TeX-unload-style', is it correct?  Is this solution acceptable?

Here is the ChangeLog entry:

2013-04-03  Mosè Giordano  <address@hidden>

    * latex.el (LaTeX-provided-class-options): New buffer-local
    (LaTeX-provided-class-options-member): New function.
    (LaTeX-provided-package-options): New buffer-local variable.
    (LaTeX-provided-package-options-member): New function
    (LaTeX-auto-cleanup): Rewrite to support
    `LaTeX-provided-{class,package}-options' variables.
    (LaTeX-arg-usepackage): Ditto.

    * tex.el (TeX-auto-store): Write to parsed file values of
    `LaTeX-provided-{class,package}-options' variables.
    (TeX-auto-insert): Fix indentation of inserted lines.
    (TeX-search-files-by-type): Fix typo in doc-string.
    (TeX-add-to-alist): New function.
    (TeX-quote-language-alist): Fix typo in doc-string.

    * style/babel.el (LaTeX-babel-package-options): Add missing
    (LaTeX-babel-package-options): Add options other than languages.
    (LaTeX-babel-active-languages): Use
    `LaTeX-provided-{class,package}-options'.  Loop over actually
    used options instead of all babel languages.
   ("babel"): Run styles of active languages.

    * style/biblatex.el ("biblatex"): Use
    (LaTeX-biblatex-package-options): Consider the `ask' value for

    * style/kpfonts.el ("kpfonts"): Use

    * style/siunitx.el: Rename `TeX-siunitx-*' functions to
    `LaTeX-siunitx-*' for consistency.
    ("siunitx"): Use `LaTeX-provided-package-options-member'.

Mosè Giordano

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