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[AUCTeX-devel] emacs 21 and xemacs can't run LaTeX with C-c C-c (was Re:

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] emacs 21 and xemacs can't run LaTeX with C-c C-c (was Re: logs of make with emacs 21 and xemacs)
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 00:01:28 +0900

>> In addition, xemacs does not seem to accept 'min-colors' in the defface.
>> Xemacs reports the following warnings in the *Warnings* buffer when
>> opening an ordinary latex file.


> I can reproduce this in XEmacs too.  Do you mean that this doesn't
> happen with Emacs 21.4?  Is "*TeX Help*" buffer colored as it should
> be in Emacs >= 22?  Since `propertize' doesn't seem to have effect in
> XEmacs, I'm thinking about setting `TeX-error-description-*' faces to
> nil there, but I need to know whether we should do the same in Emacs
> 21 or not.

Just opening a latex file did not raise warnings, so I thought emacs
21.4 was OK.  However, that turned out to be false.  After opening the
circ.tex in preview-latex, C-x 5 2 signals an error "Unknown req
`min-colors' with options `(16)'".  So it's pretty sure that emacs 21.4
does not accept min-colors in defface, too.

And, bad news again.

As the subject of this mail tells, emacs 21.4 and xemacs can not run
LaTeX with C-c C-c.  Opening the circ.tex and typing C-c C-c RET leads
to an error "Symbol's value as variable is void:

Anyway, at last I become able to check whether my enhancements to
array-like environments work with emacs 21.4 and xemacs, and they seem
to work flawlessly.  So I'll work on the issues you suggested in another
mail.  Could you explain what you mean by "a test suite for this feature"
more precisely?

Ikumi Keita

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