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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] emacs 21 and xemacs can't run LaTeX with C-c C-c (was

From: Mosè Giordano
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] emacs 21 and xemacs can't run LaTeX with C-c C-c (was Re: logs of make with emacs 21 and xemacs)
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 17:23:17 +0200

Hi Ikumi,

2014-07-14 17:01 GMT+02:00 Ikumi Keita <address@hidden>:
>>> In addition, xemacs does not seem to accept 'min-colors' in the defface.
>>> Xemacs reports the following warnings in the *Warnings* buffer when
>>> opening an ordinary latex file.
> ...
>> I can reproduce this in XEmacs too.  Do you mean that this doesn't
>> happen with Emacs 21.4?  Is "*TeX Help*" buffer colored as it should
>> be in Emacs >= 22?  Since `propertize' doesn't seem to have effect in
>> XEmacs, I'm thinking about setting `TeX-error-description-*' faces to
>> nil there, but I need to know whether we should do the same in Emacs
>> 21 or not.
> Just opening a latex file did not raise warnings, so I thought emacs
> 21.4 was OK.  However, that turned out to be false.  After opening the
> circ.tex in preview-latex, C-x 5 2 signals an error "Unknown req
> `min-colors' with options `(16)'".  So it's pretty sure that emacs 21.4
> does not accept min-colors in defface, too.

Ok, I'll set those faces to nil then.  One will anyway able to select
a custom color, if `propertize' works (and it doesn''t work for me
even with default faces in XEmacs 21.4).

> And, bad news again.
> As the subject of this mail tells, emacs 21.4 and xemacs can not run
> LaTeX with C-c C-c.  Opening the circ.tex and typing C-c C-c RET leads
> to an error "Symbol's value as variable is void:
> TeX-error-overview-frame".

Uh, strange, I'll check it out with XEmacs, but I'm sure this doesn't
rise errors with Emacs 22 and 23, just tested.

> Anyway, at last I become able to check whether my enhancements to
> array-like environments work with emacs 21.4 and xemacs, and they seem
> to work flawlessly.  So I'll work on the issues you suggested in another
> mail.  Could you explain what you mean by "a test suite for this feature"
> more precisely?

Since a few months ago, we have a test suite under the tests/
directory, see also  This
allows developers to verify whether a commit broke a feature for which
a test suite has been set up.  Adding a test suite for your feature
isn't mandatory, but it could helpful as the only current test is also
about tables.  If you feel like writing a test to check parsing of the
table specifications, do it, that's all ;-)


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