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[Chicken-hackers] required-extension-version (possible version-numbers>

From: Mario Domenech Goulart
Subject: [Chicken-hackers] required-extension-version (possible version-numbers> issue)
Date: 14 Apr 2008 15:04:09 -0300
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Hi folks,

Here's what I get when trying to install http:

$ /usr/local/chicken-3.1.3/bin/chicken-setup http

(many messages ommited)

downloading uri.egg from ( eggs/3 80) ...
  gzip -d -c /tmp/chicken-setup-3-mario/downloads/uri.egg | tar xf -
Error: the required extension `lookup-table' is older than 1.501, which is what 
this extension requires - please run

  chicken-setup lookup-table

and repeat the current installation operation.

$ /usr/local/chicken-3.1.3/bin/chicken-setup -l | grep lookup-table
lookup-table                            Version: 1.6.0 (Release 200803171853)

I guess `version-numbers>' from chicken-setup.scm is not correctly
handling these different versioning methods.

Here's what I'm using:

$ /usr/local/chicken-3.1.3/bin/chicken-setup -version
chicken-setup - Version 3.1.3 - linux-unix-gnu-x86      [ manyargs dload 
ptables applyhook ]
SVN rev. 10449  compiled 2008-04-14 on ze-dureza (Linux)

Best wishes,

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