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Re: [Chicken-hackers] Dropping SunCC and Solaris 9

From: Michele La Monaca
Subject: Re: [Chicken-hackers] Dropping SunCC and Solaris 9
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2013 21:25:05 +0200

> I somehow assumed this patch was for a recent version of Solaris.
> If this version is so old, I think we should reject this patch
> altogether: as has been pointed out there are some problems with
> it and you can't expect to run modern software on an old version
> of an OS.  Same goes for Windows XP, IMHO.

Indeed it's for an old Solaris version. I'm ok if you don't want to
include patches for old platforms. Anyway, a correct build for Solaris
9 is only a couple of math functions away, so I think it is still
reasonable. Up to you. I've pasted the patch at

for users which might need it (very few I guess). It would need some
tweaking as Florian pointed out but if it's not going to be included I
don't care about floating numbers.

>> If we support gcc and clang across platforms, that should suffice.
>> (However, we should of course have proper support for MSVC, and the
>> fact that we don't is a genuine and serious gap.)
> I agree.  However, we still have no-one willing to add/maintain it.
>> > PS: Isn't this something libm needs to take care of rather than the
>> > C compiler?  If so, gcc or clang builds are broken on Solaris, too,
>> Almost certainly.
> Never mind if it's such an old version.  If it's also broken on a newer
> version, then I think it's worth looking at the patch again.

Gcc has the same issue on Solaris 9 since the functions are missing in
libm. On newer versions (Solaris 10, 11) they are correctly

As regarding the proposal to drop suncc on modern Solaris versions (if
I understand it correctly), I disagree. Much like I would disagree if
you were considering dropping MSVC on Windows (if such thing existed).


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