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Re: [DS-discuss]minutes of the meeting - 22nd, March, 2003

From: Suraj Kumar
Subject: Re: [DS-discuss]minutes of the meeting - 22nd, March, 2003
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 18:12:06 +0530

Bharathi S writes:
 > During Jan 2001, Emacs is localized to Tamil, Malayalam & Hindi [ Not
 > Fully ] just to show our multi-glyph kernel patch will allow the user
 > to type and see the Indian Languages.
 > Tmrow only I am going to dig our CVS. Soon I will put the current
 > status on our WEB. :)

if you  can spare some more time,  you can also export  from your tree
and import it into address@hidden tree. the web front-end for our CVS is

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