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Re: [Auth]prior art for SSO schemes

From: Albert Scherbinsky
Subject: Re: [Auth]prior art for SSO schemes
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 11:26:13 -0400

david nicol wrote:
> Convincing some organization that already has user login to
> put up an AIS server -- hell, starting with --
> that's the current "marketing goal" for AIS.

Talking about hell, might you not go straight their for
helping pornographers? :)
Just kidding, I am agnostic, myself, so I'm not supposed to
know whether fire and brimstone awaits anybody after this
worldly existence. Certainly if anybody deserves to go there
it's some of these business leaders who feel they have the
right to benefit at the expense of their shareholders and
employees. Certainly ripping people off is worse than
showing some skin. Not that I think there is any problem at
all with showing some skin, however some customers might.

Albert Scherbinsky
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Kurt Godel showed us every formal system is either
incomplete or inconsistent. Deal with it!

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