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Re: [eLyXer-users] Equationarray alignment

From: Alex Fernandez
Subject: Re: [eLyXer-users] Equationarray alignment
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 02:36:51 +0100

Hi Uwe,

On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 2:05 AM, Uwe Stöhr <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Thanks for that. Could you test that environments are working for you
>> with the enclosed version?
> It still doesn't work:
> - the align environment has no horizontal space between the rows

No doubt you mean between the columns? I don't know why this happens,
I will try to look at it.

> - the same applies for the flalign environment
> - the alignat environment is completely broken
> You can see this be comparing the PDF output of the LyX Math manual, sec.
> 18.2 with the HTML output.

Is this better than it was before, or does it make no difference for
you? For example eqnarray should be better.

> p.s. you write in the announcement for eLyXer 0.39:
> "Support for binomial coefficients: (AB)."
> This support is not really useful because the surrounding brackets don't
> scale with the content's height. Therefore your example in
> http://www.nongnu.org/elyxer/changelog.html looks quite ugly: The "B" is
> below the brackets.

It's a start, isn't it? I haven't fine-tuned the CSS but it should
allow for improvements (less space between the A and the B). Scaling
brackets with height is however impossible just with HTML and CSS, and
it would require JavaScript to be well done. I am not sure it is worth


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