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[eLyXer-users] Re: apologies: Re: elyxer requests

From: Alex Fernandez
Subject: [eLyXer-users] Re: apologies: Re: elyxer requests
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 01:55:53 +0100

Hi Steve,

On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 6:48 PM, Steve Litt <address@hidden> wrote:
> I've been out of the loop. Where does one ask user type questions for elyxer,
> and how does one sign up?

You can ask them on the main mailing list (pretty low volume, so it
doesn't justify having separate user and dev lists):
which I have cc'ed. Subscription information on
as Richard pointed out. You don't have to be subscribed to post
though. Latest messages archived on
Full archives (but harder to navigate) on

Many people send me mail personally. That is fine with me but I
usually prefer the mailing list for the usual reasons: other people
might have the same problem and find the answer in the archives.


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