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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Workaround for prescriptions

From: Busser, Jim
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Workaround for prescriptions
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2012 23:55:19 +0000

On 2012-09-09, at 1:48 PM, Karsten Hilbert <address@hidden> wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 06, 2012 at 06:30:23PM +0000, Jim Busser wrote:
>> Can a selection of items in
>> the Medication plugin be processed in some way as to be able
>> to provide a line return delimited text string concatenating
>> -- if the brand is non-null
>> <Brand> '(' <Substance> ')' <Strength> 'Sig' <Schedule> 'Mitte' <Duration / 
>> Until>
>> -- otherwise
>> <Substance> <Strength> 'Sig' <Schedule> 'Mitte' <Duration / Until>
>> and returning this to the user either via clipboard or
>> popping open a window with the text auto-selected for
>> copying?
> Not currently.
> It could be done indirectly by passing data into LaTeX
> arrays and post-processing that inside LaTeX.
> Karsten

I am proposing, further to my posting from 2 days ago

that a praxis be enabled to select a drug data source

        User-defined prescription

and that when such a configuration has been completed, clicking (in the 
Medications plugin) of the Rx button does not pass the user to Gelbe Liste or 
to FreeDiams. If we consider what the code currently does in the case of 
FreeDiams, GNUmed currently will create an XML file with suitably-formatted 

What I am thinking is

(1) a new placeholder -- 'prescription' -- when incorporated into a LaTex 
template, could prompt the UI for a selection of current medications (similarly 
to how we currently make a selection of health issues and episodes etc)?

(2) any praxis may desire to have a variant format for its prescriptions. Like 
XDT, these could be readable from disk and could define how a medication 
'selection' is to be translated into prescription line items

(3) recognizing that a prescription could require additional textual 
information than what exists stored in the GNUmed medication list, to make it 
possible --- before committing the output for a final printing ---  for the 
user to further modify or add to the preliminary text. This would be like the 
$<free_text:::::9999>$ placeholder except to pre-populate it with the 
'preliminary' prescription information to which to user could then add or 

(4) this snippet could be storable in the form in which it was finally sent to 
LaTex (for example in a clin narrative row, in the way I have been describing 
in this thread) and making it more accessible for review than having to search 
through multiple PDFs.

-- Jim

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