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From: Christopher Armstrong
Subject: Themeing
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 15:36:56 +1000
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I've been playing around with our theming API (GSTheme) with the intent of fleshing it out a bit further. In order to confirm the style of programmatic API I've been using, I have been trying to integrate Windows uxtheme with the API in order to demonstrate it that it is possible.

For those who are interested in what is happening, and are running GNUstep on Windows XP or Vista, please look at:

The first is a patch that should be applied against the current gnustep-gui SVN (don't use your working copy as this patch is not by any means complete). It gives a (partial) API for theming menus and scrollbars, on top of the existing buttons themeing.

The second file is a bundle that compiles to a theme. It links against uxtheme so you will need at least Windows XP (I've only tested against Windows Vista however) and uses code that is private and specific to the win32/winlib backend.

I'm putting this up as a point of discussion. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

carmstrong at fastmail dot com dot au

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