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Re: [flame] NEWS file is useless

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: [flame] NEWS file is useless
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 12:06:32 +0000

On 26 Nov 2009, at 11:08, Nicola Pero wrote:

By the way, presumably we'd still include the author of the change in the subversion commit message ? Ie, we write a full ChangeLog entry including the author at the beginning ?

Yes. If you look in the LLVM svn log, for example, you will see a few with 'Patch by David Chisnall!' at the end of a number of commit messages from before I got commit access. You'll see the same (e.g. 'Patch by Niels Grewe') at the end of a number of √Čtoil√© commits. This makes it very easy to find commits by a third party.

By the way, svn commit logs are stored in properties. It's possible to edit them after the commit by setting the log property on the commit. If someone can parse the ChangeLog file, the old ChangeLog entries can be imported into svn logs easily.


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