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Re: WebServer: caching responses

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: WebServer: caching responses
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 09:16:55 +0200

Am Donnerstag, den 21.07.2011, 23:00 +0100 schrieb Nicola Pero: 
> > We are not sure yet whether we want to use WebServer as a replacement
> > for Apache or whether we will try implement an Apache module to merely
> > pass us the application specific requests.
> There is a third alternative, which is using Apache as a reverse proxy in 
> front
> of your Objective-C web server.  That's the standard enterprise setup for 
> these
> things.  It's great for performance.

Thanks... this seems like the sane approach.

> And, to answer your question, in that setup, if your Objective-C web server 
> properly
> sets the caching headers for static data, Apache (if you enable mod_cache 
> etc) will
> automatically cache it for you.

Well actually I doubt that will work in our particular case, since the
the decision on whether to use the cache or not, is dynamic and the
caches should be discarded quickly in most cases.  But maybe we just
have to dig into mod_cache a bit ... but it's an optimization since we
may get by with extracting headers and content from a cached
GSMimeDocument and feeding it to the new instance supplied by the call
as Richard suggested.  It's a little overhead but since the caching of
the dynamic content is not used that often, we'll probably get a way
with that.


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